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Top 5 Shoulder Cable Workouts

Put the weight setting to a moderate weight and grab hold of the bar palms down. Choose either close or wide grip, then stand up straight and tall grasping the bar with both hands. Pull the bar upwards towards your chin following closely to your body, and make sure your elbows are slightly up. They should be trying to touch your ears when at chin level. This is one of the primary workout cable shoulder workouts you should consider incorporating into your workouts exercise regimen! Side Lateral Raises This exercise is used to specifically target the medial (middle) muscle of your deltoids. Your deltoids have three different muscle heads, and all need to be worked out. For the cable machine, set the cable to be at floor level and with the single hand grip . The side you are going to be lifting towards should be opposite to the cable machine.
Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/top-5-shoulder-cable-workouts-1

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