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Six Indoor Exercise Options For Winter

For added benefit, change up the order of the workout every time you return to click here. the gym, giving your body a new challenge each time. workout The pool Hop in the pool and do a few laps and itas painfully obvious which muscles youave been neglecting. The shoulders, triceps and core muscles all get a workout that canat be replicated on land. And donat discount the aerobic benefit achieved from kicking your heart and lungs into overdrive. Whether you spend 30 minutes repeating 50- or 100-metre intervals with a rest between each interval or maintain a steady pace without stopping, youall reap the unique benefits of moving from land to water. The track Sure, an indoor track lacks the scenery of a winter run through the neighbourhood, but the lack of cars, snowbanks and muscle building icy patches makes it the perfect place to work on your speed. Warm up for five minutes, then pick up the pace for 200 metres.
Source: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/diet-fitness/Jill+Barker+indoor+exercise+options+winter/9412556/story.html

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