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Let's Get Physical! Top 10 Workout Trends For 2014

Ashleigh Schmitz 3 Fool-Proof Ways to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions All of these workouts are being searched far more this week on Yahoo than the week prior, and we can definitely attribute this to people working on their New Years resolutions,Yahoo Search Trends Expert Lauren Whitehouse said. Workout trends come and go (remember the Thigh Master?), but some have lasting power. The number one searched workout since the new year is CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program used by police academies and military special operations units that has soared in popularity in the last year. In fact, it went from not being on the list http://www.phoenixnewsdesk.com/1907-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_pnd.html at all last year, to being the top searched workout of 2014 so far. Over the past year, searches for CrossFit have increased nearly two times, Whitehouse said. This year, it is one of the top searched fitness crazes. Top 10 Most Popular New Years Resolutions (With http://www.sohonetindia.com/page/6/ Apps to Help Achieve Them) SoulCycle is another emerging workout trend to crack the top ten, coming in at number seven. The high-energy indoor cycling class set to up-beat playlists has been seeing a steady increase in searches since October 1, and it looks as though interest is only increasing in the new year, Whitehouse said.But people are still interested in the top workouts from last years list P90X, yoga, http://www.apmsd.com/2013/11/10/31-routines-you-can-do-at-home/ zumba, and insanity workout remain very popular. With yoga as the number two most-searched workout of the year so farsearches for yoga for beginners has spiked 822 percent this week. Since they plan on hitting the mats, Yahoo users are also searching for yoga weara term that is up 277 percent over the last seven days. Searchers most want to get their lunges on doing bikram, hatha, and vinyasa yoga styles.
Full story http://www.parade.com/249465/ashleighschmitz/lets-get-physical-top-10-workout-trends-for-2014/

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