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Butter Aerobics

Exercise fads are like art controversies: they appear on the scene and upset the popular psyche, generating fascination and ridicule until, after a while, they are no longer incendiary, but merely http://www.imprintworldwide.com/tag/the-jbss/ tokens of http://therapyoflove.org/that-fitness-regimen-is-very-will-make-several-of-an-individual/ a passing moment. My moment was at a butter-churning aerobics class at the Rauschenberg Foundations Nineteenth Street Project Space, in Chelsea. I stood in a pristine white gallery one Saturday morning, wearing spandex and running sneakers, as a large image of a cow, grazing in real time, was projected onto the wall to my left. The cow hailed from Blue Hill Farm, in East Otto, Cattaraugus County, far http://www.tekeyanmontreal.org/tag/the-jbss/ off among the grassy hilltops of western New York State. She had provided the cream. The programcalled Feel the Churn!was devised by Jimmy Fusil and Mike Wait, members of the Los Angeles-based alt-music duo PopSoda, and was produced as part of a collaboration between the artist collective Machine Project and the hosting gallery. The installations slogan was The only fitness system that allows you to make fat as you burn fat! Fusil and Wait are both lanky, light-haired men; Wait has a moustache, which he keeps tidy and trimmed. Fusil, wearing a red sweatband around his head, along with matching wristbands, introduced himself with the enthusiasm of a camp counselor, while Wait, off to the side, mutely shrugged, adjusted his neck scarf, and assumed his position at a d.j.
Full story: http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/culture/2013/10/butter-aerobics.html

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