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Swing Kettlebells For A Full-body Workout

Normal, healthy women might begin with an eight-kilogram workouts kettlebell, he said, while men can start with 16 kilograms. It sounds pretty heavy, but its not the same approach as a dumbbell because youre swinging it, relying on inertia, Cotter explained. Its more on the endurance side. Because the centre of mass extends beyond the hand, the kettlebell allows for ballistic, or fast, swinging motions workout program that combine cardiorespiratory, strength, and flexibility training. The result is an all-around, functional fitness workout that mimics everyday activities such as shovelling snow or working in the garden, he said. Amy Dixon, who teaches Kettlebell Power, a group class at an Equinox Fitness centre in Los Angeles, said the workout is beneficial because it puts the body through so many ranges of motion. Your body is completely integrated, so youre moving everything, said Dixon, the http://markets.ask.com/ask/news/read/25347725 creator of Raise Some Bell The Ultimate Kettlebell Core Workout DVD. She calls it one of the best pieces of equipment thats been around for centuries.
Full story: http://gulfnews.com/life-style/health/swing-kettlebells-for-a-full-body-workout-1.1260254

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